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The Guide

A real guide speaks up.

Most women you meet in the fly fishing industry are beautiful, petite, badass women who work hard and photograph great ...

by ~ Shelly Ehmer
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Get The Net

Trying out a new hobby.

A cloud of fine dust billowed up behind my Subie, leaving a hazy trail behind me as I bounced down the dirt road leading to Tom's house. From his neighbor's yard, a longhorn steer threw me a half-interested glance as I pulled up the drive. It was a bright morning in May and I was on my way to build a landing net with the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers, my local fly fishing club.

by ~ Jami Witherspoon
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Support That Unites

Behind every woman angler is a support system of other women anglers.

Fly fishing has exposed me to numerous adventures and opportunities to learn over the past couple of years. The sport naturally provides experiences that ultimately develop into life lessons and values we inherit. Out of everything I have learned, something significant stands out from the rest. Behind every strong female angler is another strong female angler.

by ~ Anne Susemihl
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The Golden Rule

Breaking the golden rule.

I had wondered why my boyfriend's closet contained more fishing rods than my brain could fathom and what the dozens of fuzzy, hairy things on hooks, strewn all over the desk in the corner of his living room might be. I knew well, after dating Bill for a few moths, that he was an outdoor enthusiast, judging by all the gadgets and gear randomly located around his home. I knew little to nothing about fly fishing, float fishing, hunting, tracking, game calls, fly tying, stocking schedules, etc., etc! It was practically all foreign to me. Early on, he had made one "golden rule" very clear. Although Bill appreciated my sprucing up his bachelor pad and my cleaning antics, I was never, ever to touch his fly rods. I just figured they were valuable heirlooms passed down from his father or another beloved family member and kept my distance.

by ~ Jennel Swenson
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DUN Print

Lifestyle Articles

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You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

All coolers are not created equal.

In 1637, Sir William Berkley, the governor of Virginia, was given a patent to keep and store snow in caves and pits to prevent it from melting. Thus, began the long history of the ice chest, the chilly bin, the esky, the cool bin, the cooler.

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Let the Sun Shine In

Wrinkles, sun spots and the big C ... protecting yourself never looked so good.

My mom always said “brown fat looks better than white fat.” I lived by that mantra for years. When I was a teenager in the 80’s, putting iodine and baby oil on your skin and then baking in the sun was the “in” thing. I even blistered my whole face one year in Florida on spring break and call that “hillbilly dermabrasion.” While I say this in jest, the effects of the sun are beginning to take their toll. The older I get, the more important it is to me to protect my skin from the elements. Wrinkles and blotchy skin, coupled with a couple of friends who have had to undergo surgery for skin cancer have changed my idea about sunscreens and baby oil.

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Public Lands and Congress

Public lands are an important piece of American life. Keeping public lands public isn't a Republican or Democrat party issue -- it's an American issue.

As Americans, we consider ourselves a cultured people and rightfully place high value on the arts. The arts allow us to speak a common language regardless of social, economical or racial barriers. Nowhere is this more evident than in the great city of Nashville. As the Editor-in-Chief of an international fly fishing magazine and an avid angler, I view our national monuments, parks and public lands as a form of art. Like a beautiful painting, the vast open spaces of the Land Between the Lakes is a sight to behold. The morning songbirds there perform with such splendor that even Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik could be considered inadequate. This 178,000 acres of public land, which sees over 1.6 million visitors, and brings almost $5 million in revenue to this rural area is open for all to enjoy.

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Orvis Photoshoot

Permit fishing, farm-to-table lodge, world class guide service and beautiful coral reefs, what could be better?

Last November I had the opportunity to head to Punta Gorda, Belize for an Orvis photoshoot.  It took me all of a millisecond to say yes; for two reasons.  One, what Orvis is doing for women in fly fishing is so far above and beyond that I was happy to put my stamp of approval on association with them and two, it’s Belize.  Punta Gorda, Belize is known for its permit flats and ever since I can remember it’s been on my must-do list.  

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DUN Digital

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DUN Magazine is no ordinary fly fishing publication. This quarterly publication is a work of art destined for your coffee table or favorite display shelf. Each edition weighs in at nearly two pounds, and is oversized to showcase the photography inside. Standing at 11.75 inches tall and 9.25 inches wide, this is one impressive magazine.

The magazine is eco-friendly, made of recycled papers and vegetable ink. The cover is 80# matte cover stock with a soft touch and an embossed DUN logo, using a heavy embossing machine. The text pages are 70# matte finish, printed with UV ink.

We spare no expense in printing the magazine. The magazine is created, published and printed in Tennessee.  This magazine is more like a book than a magazine. You’ve never seen any outdoor magazine like it.

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